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Radio flea market Lummen 2013

Monday there was a Radio flea market in Lummen.

What I bought (for 9€ including entrance fee):
-1x partial reel 1R resistors
-1x bag timing belts + pulleys
-1x aluminium sheet
-1x 8*2 LCD


Radio flea market Bladel 2012

Today there was a Radio flea market in Bladel. What I bought (for 87€ including entrance fee):

1x HP5326B Timer-Counter-DVM
2x LM2596 voltage regulators
1x RJ connector crimping tool





The inside of the HP5326B:





RCD Differential Switch Teardown

With the instalment of the solar panels we tested the RCD differential switch, and it refused to work, so we replaced it.

I have taken a look at what’s inside of it:

Going green

A few weeks ago we decided to put some solar panels on the roof. We chose for 22 251W bisol pannels, with a Piko 5.5 3phase inverter. Yesterday Elcubi installed it all.


The panels:

The inverter:

Surge-arrester, new 3 phase group and an energy meter:

Radio flea market Eksel 2012

Today there was a Radio flea market in Eksel.

What I bought (for 41,50€ including entrance fee):

2x bag rollers with bearings
1x bag bearings
1x bag with 3 large gears
1x bag 80mA fuses
1x bag M5 nut’s with knob
2x bag dip switches
2x bag M3 stand off
1x bag print connectors
1x Ic placer
1x tube ic sockets
1x tube 7805
1x box capacitors 100x 3300uF 63V
1x Reel led’s

Radio flea market Lummen (Dirage) 2012

Today there was a Radio flea market in Lummen.

What I bought (for 32€):

1x Wireless mousse
1x Number keyboard
1x bag solinoids
1x bag of Micro-MaTch connectors trough hole
1x bag push buttons
1x bag power switches
1x bag flex wires
1x Nylon M3x10 bolts
3x bag circuit board screw connectors
1x bag 4mm bearings
6x bag rollers with bearings
2x bag rubber feet for enclosures
1x reel Micro-MaTch connectors SMD (about 280 pieces)

Radio flea market Bladel 2011

Today there was a Radio flea market in Bladel. What I bought (for 45,50€ including entrance fee):

-2x 256MB SD ram
-1x LCD Display
-1x Bag of long headers
-1x bag nylon screws M4x30
-1x Transformer 18V 16VA
-3x Transformer 18V 5VA
-1x Reel Osram SMD RGB Leds (1200 pcs)

New soldering iron

The past few years I did my soldering with a Aoyue 936 and a Velleman vts25, but the Aoyue was underpowered and the Velleman needed a new tip every few months and isn’t temperature controlled.

So it was time to buy a new one. I decided it would be a Weller WS81. There was an action to get it with a free dry cleaning station, so I got that too.

Wire tugged away.

Dead Battery

One of the Batteries from my Bosch cordless drill machine had died. I could buy a new one but that is rather expensive. So I opted to take the batteries out and put a cable on it. The cable plugs into my 12V power supply that powers my lights etc.

The cells inside (5 cells at 0V):

I have mounted a cable gland in the plastic enclosure from the old battery so I have a strain releave for the cable.

Plugged in the drill:

I added a diode to the power supply to protect my power supply against voltage spikes from the motor.

The downside of this is of course that I have a cable connected to it now. But I still have 1 battery that functions so I can still work wireless :p. But if I’m working at the workbench and the battery is flat, then I can use the cable to avoid waiting for the charger. Another downside is that my LED lights dim as I start the drill, this is because it draws too much current. The power of the drill isn’t as big as on the battery. My power supply delivers 12V while the battery does 14.4V.

Updating my network

I was using my network more intensely to transfer files the last weeks. And I got tired of waiting, so it was time to update my network. So I ordered a new switch and router from, and today they arrived :).

My old “fast ethernet” 100Mbit/s equipment:

Linsys WR454GL 4 port router
D-Link DES-1005D 5 port switch

My new “Gigabit” 1000Mbit/s equipment:

Linsys E2000 4 port router

Cisco SD2005-G2 5 port switch

The new gear is working great, the only downside is that you need to install a config program on the pc to config the router. It has a build in web interface, but it doesn’t cover all the settings :s.