555 Contest Entry

This is my entry for the 555 contest. I didn’t have much time to make something so the entry isn’t much.

This design is a fan controller. The base of it is a simple pwm circuit with the 555 timer. The problem with fan’s is that they don’t start at low voltages. So I added a capacitor (C2) to give it a little voltage boost at the startup.



The circuit can also be easily adjusted to have a soft start. This can be useful when driving led’s etc. This way the light is not instantly bright.


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    • jeff op 29 maart 2015 om 09:53

    I f add higher than 10uf on 100W 240V output and switch OFF and than quick ON you will damage mosfet so question is how to quickly discharge to prevent damage?

      • Stynus op 29 maart 2015 om 10:49

      The circuit is for 12V, not 240V.

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